Customer Service Research

Are you truly customer focussed?  Gaining feedback (customer service research) in a structured, impartial and professional manner provides insight to gain business focus and dramatically improve business performance.

Customer service research is our core area of expertise and our customer service measurement programmes have helped clients increase customer loyalty, cross-selling and referrals.

Traditionally customer service research can fall into the trap of measuring the wrong elements of service. Our approach to customer service measurement is to ensure we understand what drives customer relationships and to then to measure the core drivers of customer service.

To create a real improvement in customer satisfaction often requires a change in service delivery. We strongly advocate the use of mystery shopping in these circumstances, as it provides instant service feedback that is highly actionable and effective.

Our customer service measurement programmes are structured around market research best practice.  However, we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach and our projects are designed specifically around the unique service drivers of each of our clients.

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